♂ Gul-dara bulat

Russian Import, LT CH & LT lure coursing champion. DM: N/N (clear, tested at Laboklin), Heart (echo)-ok, DNR profile.

Size: 78 cm Weight: 40 kg


DOB: 2015.06.02

Pedigree HERE


Call name – Brownie.
Lure coursing license. Brownie came to us from well known hunting lines. That means most Brownie’s relatives (in 4 closest generations) have real hunting experience and successfully passed their field hunting diplomas for hares or foxes. Naturally Brownie has a very strong hunting instinct. Despite that he has no problems living with our indoor cat. Actually he is very calm in his daily life. Brownie loves his family very much, loves cuddles but usually ignores random and unknown people. He doesn’t mind being touched by other people nor is he afraid, he just prefers his family and friends. He is a loyal, happy and playful borzoi – ball and squeaky plush toys are his most favorite ones but he enjoys running at most. Lure coursing is his passion – he was born to run and that’s what he does without failure whether it’s a competition field or a simple walk in nature.